Welcome to the Fairway Inn —

Your fair-ly priced and you're on your way inn!

          We're where the fun is! The area where you'll find The Fairway Inn here in northern Michigan is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts from every corner of the country. We boast some of the best fishing, hunting, skiing and golfing in our area of North America. From spring through winter, the view out your window is a constantly changing show put on by Mother Nature. So beautiful in fact that you'll want to get out and play instead of sitting around your hotel room.

          The Fairway is everything you want and need. Most travelers to this area are here for what's going on outside. Why drop a bundle on your room when you're most likely only using it for a good night's sleep? We can provide you with that good night's sleep in one of our simple rooms.

          For the budget-conscious, we're a perfect alternative to those expensive “resort” hotels where you may or may not utilize all the amenities reflected in their rates. Do you really need a mint on your pillow? Or do you just want to rest your weary head on it?

          For the safety-conscious, those road-weary travelers who just want to play it safe and pull over, we also fit the bill.

          Many of our visitors are hunters or snowmobilers who've put in a successful-yet-longer day of hunting or riding than they planned. Even the salesman that's been visiting customers all over northern Michigan or the golfer that squeezed 54 holes in! For them, the Fairway is the perfect place to grab some shuteye, refreshed and ready to go the next day.

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Fairway Inn • 4421 Red Oak Road, Lewiston, MI 49756 • 989-786-3100 • info@fairwayinnmi.com